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Hi, I'm Dario Morina and in this blog I show my logotype works. To realize them I use Macromedia Fireworks MX and Adobe Illustrator CS3. I hope you will like my logotypes!!! Good visit and please write me your comments, impressions and critiques... I would like to know what you think about my works!!!

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Monday, March 2, 2009


Version 1_a:

Version 1_b:

Version 1_c:

Version 1_d with some colors:

And other versions don't accepted by the Moonset band don't like.
Version 2_a:

Version 2_b:

Version 3:

Version 4:

I have drawn this logo for the Moonset band.
In the version 1 I have tried to represent the meaning of the word "moonset" and so I have drawn a simple moon behind "set." I have also exploited the contrast that there is, among the word "moon" that it is out of the moon and the word "set" that it is inside the moon, realizing so a contrast among the two parts of the word.
In the version 2 have drawn a standing dog, almost in position to howl, with a guitar under arm to symbolize the soul rock of the group. Then I have written the name of the group in such way that seemed a sound that go out from the guitar.
In the version 3 have drawn a musical note beginning from the double "O" of the word "moon."
Finally in the version 4 I have simply written the word "moonset" with a very particular and nice font.
I like a lot the version 2, but the group has preferred opt for the version 1, on which I have realized more options.

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