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Hi, I'm Dario Morina and in this blog I show my logotype works. To realize them I use Macromedia Fireworks MX and Adobe Illustrator CS3. I hope you will like my logotypes!!! Good visit and please write me your comments, impressions and critiques... I would like to know what you think about my works!!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photo Walking Munich




The site "Photo Walking Munich" [Visit Site 1 and Visit Site 2] wrote me to create some proposals for its logo. The most important ideas, that the logo must trasmits, are "walking" and "photo". Infact the site is about some photographers who take their pictures while they are used walking. It need this logo for the site, but also for Twitter or business cards.
The version1 shows a photographer kneeling that is taking a picture. It transfers only the concept of "photo".
The version2 represents a man that is walking with a tripod in his left hand and instead of the head is a camera. In my opinion this is the best!
In the version3 there is a landscape with some trees, footsteps and around these two hands in the picture position.
Finally in the version4 you can see a landscape with a tree and a walking man. All around the lens lines.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fuck the chic


Version 2:

I have created these two logos for a electro-music party where a friend of mine is the Dj. The name of the event "Fuck the chic" would like to kid the usual events that in the saturday are very common in the Turin night life. So in the first version I have tried to draw the two party types, the upper one is the electro-music party, while the lower one should be the stereotype of the other type of parties!!!
Otherwise, in the second version, I have represented the symbol of electronic music, that is the disk. The same disk that the dj usually uses to create that kind of music.

Morina - Karting racing team - Wall application

I have reproduced the Morina karting racing team (here the logo) logo on the wall of my car box. It is a mural painting and to do it I have used spray colour.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Morina - Karting racing team

I have drawn this logo for the Morina karting racing team. Starting from the old Morina kart racing team logo [link], I added an illustration that shows the speed of the kart, focusing on driver and reveals the italian origin of the team. These three objectives have been achieved using lines receding in the picture matched the inclination of the text, drawing the driver's helmet and painting the logo with the Italian flag colors.